Meet Andrew | Recovery Specialist

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Meet Andrew | Recovery Specialist, FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada


Andrew is an integral part of our Recovery team. Andrew’s keen ability to solve problems combined with his client-focused approach mean that Andrew is always looking for ways to better assist our brokers and provide flexible payment arrangements to help prevent cancellation.

Andrew takes pride in providing flexible payment solutions. He worked closely with brokers and their clients that were impacted by the Fort McMurray wildfires last year and most recently, the New Brunswick ice storms to offer relief during a time they needed it the most.



Here are some of the great things others had to say about Andrew:


“Andrew consistently looks for ways to better assist our brokers and provide solutions or alternatives for clients. His patience and positive attitude are exemplary.”

“Andrew is a true team-player that is always eager to find innovative new approaches to improve current processes.”



Andrew’s tip

We take pride in working closely with you to offer flexible payment arrangements in order to prevent cancellation. Advise your clients to call us in advance and we can help develop a plan that suits all parties.




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You can rely on Andrew to help clear up your receivables so you can focus on your core business.





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