Accept Credit Card Payments

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One of the benefits of your partnership with FIRST Canada is the ability to securely accept credit card payments integrated as a part of your payments solutions offering.

Broker Benefits

Complements your
value proposition

Receive faster

Reduces receivables

Retain the
relationship with
your client

Cost effective

Provide Your Clients with the Benefits of Credit Card Payments

Convenience of
paying online

Ability to earn loyalty points associated with the credit card of their choosing

24/7 self-service model

An easy payment process



Customized Online Payments

You have 3 convenient methods to choose from to allow your clients to pay their bill online. No technical development necessary for your brokerage.

  • Your clients can pay online at
  • We create a company branded payment page, complete with your logo
  • Integrate all payment types, including credit cards into your website with our market-ready APIs




Protect Yourself

Payment is sent directly from your client to you, without a middleman. You receive payment the next business day, reducing your E&O risk and exposure.


Limit Credit Card Costs

Limit the costs associated with accepting credit cards. Our customizable solution allows you to make your credit card solution cost neutral to the brokerage.


Integrated for easy reconciliation

Our integrated credit card solution allows for easier reconciliation with Converge’s software. Reports are easily exportable and include information necessary for easy reconciliation, including BMS ID and system access fee charges.


In partnership with our payment processing provider 


Provide your clients with the convenience of credit card payments.