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Jul 09, 2014

It is with pleasure that we announce that Shantell McMahon has joined the FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada team as the dedicated Relationship Manager for the Prairies region.

Shantell’s expertise and knowledge make her a valuable resource to you and your teams. She...

Jun 24, 2014

FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada (“FIRST Canada”) announces it has merged with Policy Billing Services Inc.(“Policy Bill”). This further demonstrates the commitment Wintrust Financial...

Apr 30, 2014

There have been recent media reports of a software vulnerability (“Heartbleed”) which can affect certain encryption technologies used to protect information while in transit on the internet.

Our systems are closely monitored for vulnerabilities and unauthorized...

Apr 11, 2014

Our newsletter has a new look and feel and is now optimized for viewing from your mobile phone and iPad as well as your desktop. Stay informed no...

Apr 02, 2014