A COVID-19 message from our CEO

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Doing All We Can to Support Our Valued
Business Partners


With the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation, our special committee continues to closely monitor, respond, and update our business procedures accordingly to provide value to our brokers, business partners, and their clients. We are here to assist you as you work hard to manage your own businesses and staff, and support your communities.


Our Team is Ready to Help

Our position has always been and remains to work collaboratively with our broker partners and to find solutions for you and your clients. All of our 100 strong FIRST Canada team members are working remotely and are equipped to support you. If you need information about any solution such as monthly payment plans, credit card payments, eSignature, or ClearPay please reach out. Cash flow is definitely a challenge for all businesses and more so now than ever. We can provide quoting for backdated receivables, and provide electronic payment options for all your clients. We are here to provide training, refreshers, and assistance for the digital tools you may need now to best support your operations.  


We’re Open For Business

As part of the largest premium financing solution provider in North America, we are ready to support you.  


NSF & Late Fees

During this challenging time we are waiving all NSF fees. We are also deferring late charges and waiving them where appropriate, to support our mutual customers. 


Negative Endorsements

Brokers are finding it helpful to adjust the coverage as appropriate with the carrier, which in turn will adjust the payments. To expedite the process, we will accept the brokers’ documentation confirming reductions of premium in order to reduce the installments as soon as possible. Be sure to note these funds are to be directed to FIRST Canada and not back to the client when received from the carrier.  


Payment Installment Delays

Where the risk warrants it, we can move the next payment installment up to 10 days and we will not be charging a fee to do so. Please note as the policy continues to earn, we cannot completely defer multiple payment installments.



As always, we will work with you and your clients to avoid cancellations when possible. In the event we do need to cancel, our cancellation timing and process remains the same.

We are working with the industry, associations, and carriers on what can be done at the macro level to provide even more options to support you as we all continue to service the insureds. We will continue to review the risks and market conditions, and do what we can to provide you and your clients as much flexibility as possible.  


Please let us know how we can continue to help. Contact your Relationship Manager or
our Client Services Team.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.


Stuart Bruce

Chief Executive Officer

FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada




Mar 17, 2020

A Message For Our Valued Business Partners

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are working hard to deliver on our responsibility and commitment to the health and safety of our staff, partners, and clients. We have set up a special committee to closely monitor the fluid situation and update our business procedures accordingly.


Our Workforce

We are taking steps in accordance with the Public Health Association of Canada on how to prevent the spread of the virus and do our part to help flatten the curve. We have drastically increased the number of staff working remotely, in office we have increased our social distancing and increased sanitation measures. We have implemented a no-visitor policy and have asked external employees to cancel non-essential travel and to host meetings remotely.  


Business Continuity Plan

We review our Business Continuity plan annually. We have recently reviewed and revamped our Business Continuity Plan to limit any disruptions to our business from this or any potential future outbreaks. We have robust and redundant systems in place so employees can service you and your clients while working remotely. We recognize that due to an increase in call and email volumes and demand on bandwidths you may experience delays. We are doing all we can to minimize any business interruptions.


Digital Tools to Support Your Business

We have been continually investing in technology which supports your business. We want to remind you about the digital tools at your disposal to help keep your business operational and your teams productive in this environment.


ClearPay- We strongly recommend that you remit any funds due to us via ClearPay. This eliminates the handling, expense, and delay of cheques. ClearPay gives you control over your payments with increased security and reduces settlement delays. No technical work is required on behalf of the brokerage to begin using ClearPay.

Credit Card Payments - Accept credit card payments online with security and convenience. Your Kixpay merchant account allows you the ability to accept payment for all of your receivables.

eSignature - You and your clients have access to the security and convenience of a compliant electronic signature process with DocuSign. Continue to close business anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

Digital Payment Options Form - A digital self-serve payment form is available to email to your clients to clarify and expedite payment. You can create a payment options form via a quote from FIRST InSite Enhanced or it can be generated from any BMS with a few simple clicks to digitally send to your clients.


We're Here For You

If you would like a refresher or more information on how these digital tools can assist  your teams, contact your Relationship Manager. Should you need assistance with an existing loan, please contact our Client Services Team.


On Behalf of the Dedicated FIRST Canada Team
I want to thank you for your commitment and support. We have always said that we are honoured to earn your business every day. That is more true now than ever. Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus and for those that are working tirelessly to care for them and keep our essential services operational. I look forward to getting through this crisis and being on the other side of it, together.


Stuart Bruce

Chief Executive Officer

FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada